2022 Will Have The Most Data Breaches

7 April 2022

2022 is predicted to have the highest number of data breaches

2022 is predicted to have the highest number of data breaches. Account hacking is on the rise, with more and more falling victim.

It is crucial to know what to if your account or if the company has been hacked and your data compromised.

Also it’s essential if your account has been hacked to take action and to not ignore it.


Reset all of your Passwords

When your account is compromised, it’s crucial to reset the password not just for that account but for all of your connected accounts.

It is important as a chain of accounts may lead the hacker to your card details. Information such as card details can be stored in applications and it can become easy to hack into especially if accounts are linked. (Read out guide on how to make your passwords secure)


Keep your antivirus up to date

Having an up to date antivirus will help to remove any attempts to infiltrate your computer from compromising your accounts.

There is also a possibility that that hacker got into your accounts through your device as most Malware is installed by the victim. It is important to make sure the device is secure and that there is no malware present before starting to recover your accounts.


Reclaim your account

It’s important to recover your account. Most major account providers have a way for you to recover your account after it has been used by an unauthorized user. Usually this involves asking security questions such as ‘What is your mother’s maiden name’ or a text to the recovery phone number.


Check that the account can’t be hacked again

It’s possible that your account can be compromised again by the same attack. Make sure that your device hasn’t been set up by the hacker to allow them entry.

Check for an unauthorised activity on your accounts. Look out for your emails being forwarded to another account without your permission. Also ensure that your security questions to your account haven’t been changed.


Deauthorise the apps connected

Apps that use open authentication, makes it convenient to log in. However, if you’ve been hacked changing your password won’t be enough.

If the hacker has logged in with open authentication, they can continue accessing your accounts.

To be sure that the unauthorised user is locked out, deauthorise the apps and then re-add them back later.


Contact your IT Provider

Get in touch to check that your account is secure. If you’ve had a breech, let us know and we will help to get you back up and running.