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Why Is Cyber Security So Important?

Our range of cyber security services will protect your business with one aim in mind – to ensure that you’re as safe as possible when using your IT systems and browsing the web. 

Without investing into your cyber security efforts, your business could be vulnerable to an attack. Whether you hold your customer’s personal data or want to avoid losing time and money dealing with a ransomware attack, you’re responsible for ensuring that your cyber security policies can protect yourself and your customers.

Get in touch with a member of our expert team to find out more about how we can protect your business.

When Do You Need Cyber Security Consultancy?

The short answer is always! You can never predict when an attack might take place, so ensuring that you’re always protected is essential for protecting your business. While it’s recommended that you’re constantly preemptively updating your cyber security policies to help prevent an attack, there are three signs that your system may have already been affected by a cyber attack:

  • A Slow Computer: If your machine feels slower than usual, malicious software could be running in the background and slowing the system down.
  • Unusual Email Activity: If you find that your account has been sending emails without your knowledge, or you’re finding emails in your deleted folder for no reason, this could be a sign that a breach has taken place.
  • Strange Computer Activity: If actions are happening without you doing them, such as software installations or deleted files, this could be a sign that there is malicious activity taking place.

If you’ve noticed any of these happening with your business systems or you’re suspicious about something else, get in touch with one of our experts as soon as possible.

How Our Cyber Security Services Can Help

Our wide range of managed cyber security services are designed to protect you from all types of cyber attack, as well as ensuring that the chance of a data breach and other IT related issues is mitigated.

Cyber Vulnerability Assessment

We can carry out network scanning for all known vulnerabilities and security threats to provide a report detailing all items found. The report will also include recommendations on how to resolve these issues, and where needed, we are able to resolve these issues for you.

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Cyber Security Policies and Management

We can deploy and support cyber security policies for Windows, Macs, and Linux environments to ensure that they are strict and allow no access policies. This allows us to maintain and maximise security for your devices.

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Cyber Security Monitoring

Proactive 24/7 monitoring of all your systems ensures no security breaches are happening in real-time and will protect against any attacks via our software ensuring that you are protected at all times.

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Email Security Scanning

We scan all of your inbound and outbound emails for malware and viruses ensuring these are being restricted prior to entering or leaving your network, protecting both you and your customers alike.

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Penetration Testing

We perform penetration testing on your internal and external network to ensure you have no vulnerabilities within your technology systems. We then present a report detailing all issues that have been identified, with a list of recommendations on how to resolve these. Where required, we will resolve these on your behalf.

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Data Backup and Recovery

We use external backups to ensure that all of your systems and data can be restored to get you back up and running quickly, efficiently and with minimal downtime. We also test our backup systems on a regular basis so that you never lose your business’s key information.

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Anti-virus and Anti-malware

Installation, migration, and support of all anti-virus and anti-malware security products for servers and workstations. We ensure that these are centrally managed and reported on in the event of any breaches or definition updates and we perform daily scans on all machines with any alerts sent to our support team.

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Installation, migration and support of full disk encryption for your servers and workstations, configuration of email encryption for your business to allow you to send confidential information to your customers and employees where needed.

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Total Security Solutions

Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and businesses are more vulnerable than ever before. Obsidian Networks together with WatchGuard advanced security solutions can help keep malware and malicious software out of your IT network.

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WatchGuard Total Security Solutions

Looking for a More Bespoke Solution for Your Business?

We understand that businesses may have IT systems and services that are unusual or different and require a tailor-made solution.

Why not book in an IT strategy meeting to allow us to gain an understanding of these?

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Cyber Security Consultation With Obsidian 

At Obsidian, we work with businesses throughout the UK across multiple sectors, including law firms, schools, retail, marketing, web designers, and charities. We get to know our clients and are always on hand to help with any issue, no matter how small.

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Strategy Meeting

At this strategy meeting, we will gain an understanding of your IT systems and show you how these could lead you to a Ransomware breach which may result in significant downtime and data loss.

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IT System Proposal

We will send you an IT Support and Cybersecurity proposal detailing how we can protect you and your business.

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Once you are happy to sign up with us, one of our dedicated account managers will walk you through our digital on-boarding process.