Getting The Most From Your Employees and IT

6 January 2021

Getting the most from your employees

What a year we have left behind in 2020!

Although, with many of the negatives that had so little control over, some positives came our way with a new outlook and changes in the way that we are all able to work.

So many businesses now have people working from home on either a full time or a part time basis. As much as no-one asked for this, it has been great to see how many businesses that we work closely with have adapted, and in the process of working from home have become more flexible.

This flexibility often results in a more motivated and engaged workforce who appreciate the ability to work different hours and work from their own home. This is a huge benefit, especially when on the look out for new employees to join your team.

As we all realise, the best competitive advantage to your business is your people.

Here at Obsidian Networks, we believe that by offering a working from home option to your employees, this will help you to attract the best people in the marketplace.

As such with the way businesses have felt the full force of the National Lockdowns and COVID-19 this year we feel will be a “buyers market” for employers and a chance to take on truly excellent new employees.

But, of course with employing new staff and working from home comes a responsibility to give all of your team the tools, access and IT systems that they need to perform at their best wherever they chose to work from, especially when this is working from home and they do not necessarily have the office facilities that you can offer in house.

This means that you, as an employer or manager, need to be on top of issuing the right devices, the right type of security for these devices, the right open network access from remote locations, the right IT support, the right ability to know where all of your IT assets are at any one time because they no longer sit all within the same office. Above all, you need to make sure that they are kept safe, both physically and from a Cyber Security perspective.

After all of the 2020 lockdowns and only this week, entering another for at least the next 6 weeks hopefully you already have the fundamentals in place from last year so that your team can successfully work from home during this current period.

But if this is not the case, or going forward you realise that it is important to offer your team as much IT support whilst they are working from home, as you would if they were in the office then get in touch with us here at Obsidian Networks and we can ensure that your business and team can make every success of their roles when working from home.

Let’s hope for a successful 2021 for all of our businesses.