The Threat of the Dark Web is Real

9 August 2021

The threat of an underground malicious marketplace
  • Hackers are constantly finding ways to steal your personal data.
  • Stolen, sensitive information like email accounts (username and passwords), end up for sale in one of the black markets on the dark web.


Dark Web

Dark Web

What does this mean for your business
  • Assess existing security measures.
  • Improve strategies to protect employee credentials and applications.
  • Reset employees passwords.
  • Enable MFA to help prevent cyber criminals from accessing important data with stolen information
Small Businesses are at risk

Small businesses often think that they are not at risk, and that cyber criminals are only targeting the large companies, but this is not the case.

  • 63% of business reported an incident involving the loss of sensitive information about customer and employees within the last year.
The price of stolen data on the dark web
  • Installing malware and ransomware on your devices.
  • Stealing customer and employee information.
  • Stealing intellectual property.
  • Transferring funds.
  • Deleting files or information.
  • Threatening your business with ransomware.
  • Modifying sensitive information.
Dark Web


At Obsidian Networks, we can provide you with a dark web scanning report that will details any breaches on your business domain name or email addresses.

  • We can scan any email address.
  • We can scan any company domain name.
  • We can send personalised dark web reports to authorised users.
  • We can access and audit your current IT system to ensure that you are safe and secure.

If you are interested in receiving a complimentary dark web scan report, please contact a member of our team today.